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Joginder Singh
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Ó Joginder Singh 2009


This eBook deals with some of the sensational cases handled during the author's tenure as Director of the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation): the Fodder Scam, Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, Bofors which still reverberates today. Singh shares with the readers an insider's knowledge of men and matters such as the inner workings of the CBI, its internal politics and external political pressures on the CBI Director. It is not a job for the faint-hearted. Singh describes attempts to muzzle the CBI, his brushes with politicians, the wayward bureaucracy and the fickle media.
The sums involved in different scams India has seen in the past few years are too large to be ignored. Gone is the social stigma attached to corruption. Money, even if ill-gotten, earns one respect. Many holy cows were exposed during Joginder Singh's tenure as Director of the CBI. Singh believes that tax-payers do not exist to be merely milked by governments and officials who have no accountability.
This eBook, which follows on from 'Inside CBI', shows another side of India not seen by many and is a testament to Singh's courage and perseverance.
Joginder Singh now a well known author and columnist for several National and States newspapers, joined Indian Police Service in 1961, in his first attempt at the eligible age of 20. He has served in his Karnataka cadre and Government of India, in several capacities, including the last high profile job of Director, CBI, India (Equivalent of FBI of USA). He has authored 29 books so far and some of them have been published in all Indian languages as well as in Bhasha Indonesia. His books include the Magnus opus, 'Inside CBI' and his autobiography 'Without Fear And Favour', apart from books on the contemporary conditions in India, like Inside India, Inside Indian Police (Both Hindi and English), Police Ke Kahani Meri Zabani (Hindi),   Good Governance Belling The Cat, Discovery of Independent India, Indian Monocracy, Scams, Demise of Indian Dream. He is an excellent motivation and management speaker and is in great demand all over the country. His books on   Inspiration and encouragement include the following; Be The Best, You Too Can, You Too, Can Succeed, Winning Ways, Flying High with Broken Wings,   Positive Thinking and Success Mantras.