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AACHAAR-O-AAHAAR: A Survey of a Bengali Kitchen - Kindle eBook by Debasree Basu

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A Survey of a Bengali Kitchen


Kindle eBook by

Debasree Basu


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This eBook is a morsel from the deliciously infinite world that is food. It is a paper that one might open with the anticipation of an attack on imagination - of flavors, tastes and smells. I would like to point out that my objective is to project a representation of the Bengali tradition as reflected in food, cuisine, rituals and lifestyle. Though one cannot expect a comprehensive portrayal of Bengali cuisine from a few pages, what I have tried to do, is to capture a little bit of the elusive taste of Bengal as it registers in my mind and my senses. In my endeavor, I hereby serve a distinctive cuisine which embraces the simple and the complex with equal ease and whose dimensions have touched every facet of life in Bengal. I must admit that this taste of Bengal though simple to remember with nostalgic enthusiasm, is hard otherwise to quantify and define.

There is more to Bengali cuisine than roshogollas, (the white spongy balls dipped in syrup) mishti doi (sweet curd flavored with caramelized sugar) and machher jhol (sparsely spiced fish curry)…The art of eating and cooking in Bengal is a lifestyle, sustenance, an identity. In other words, a revelation in itself. It is a fusion of textures and a tactile feat of picking one's way through the mouth to get at spicy, delicious bits.


DEBASREE BASU is currently a Ph.D Scholar at the Center For English Studies, School Of Languages, Literature And Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She also works as a Counsellor for B.A. students in English Studies, at Akshaya Pratishthan, a study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Debasree completed her M.A. at the University of Calcutta.




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