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Ideas - IPR - Startups Hub from IdeaIndia.Com


Ideas Connect

Ideas - IPR - Startups Hub





Welcome to Ideas Connect - the hub for Ideas, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Startups from IdeaIndia.Com where you can promote your Ideas, IPR and Startups.


Ideas Connect is a platform on for startup founders and entrepreneurs to promote their ideas and startups to potential investors. And for Investors, Angel investors and Venture Capital firms to promote themselves to startups and entrepreneurs that are looking for funding. A platform where startups and Investors can connect in the startup ecosystem.


Everyone is on the hunt for the next killer idea in this digital age. Entrepreneurs have ideas and need to connect with investors, mentors and other service providers to scale up and monetize their ideas. Investors need a quick efficient way to source ideas. How do you get startups and investors connected? Getting them connected online, initially, is a start.


Ideas Connect from is an online platform where startups, investors and other, related service providers can promote themselves with a page on which has their contact details for enquiries to be then pursued by them further, offline.


Making the startup ecosystem more efficient and productive is the goal. We want to get people connected and collaborating on ideas so that they can then commercialize and monetize them.


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