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ANCIENT INDIAN MEDICINE - Kindle eBook by Abhijit Das
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Abhijit Das


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Ayurveda is claimed to be the oldest and most complete medical treatises in the world. It is 7000 years old and is now becoming very popular in the West as an alternative form of medicine. The origin of Ayurveda is based on the Vedas (the earliest Hindu texts) which were compiled by ancient Hindu sages or Rishis. The word is derived from the two words ‘ayur’ which means life and ‘veda’ which means eternal wisdom or knowledge. Therefore the word means ‘Knowledge of life’ or ‘Knowledge of a long life’.


According to Charaka Samhita, LIFE itself is defined as the ‘’combination of the body, sense organs, mind and soul, the factor responsible for preventing decay and death, which sustains the body over time, and guides the processes of rebirth.’’ It is also the most comprehensive medicine in the world and includes everything from herbal therapy, diet, aromatherapy, therapeutic emesis, blood-letting, oil massage, steam baths, fasting, astrology, Yoga, mudras (hand yoga), meditation, gem stone therapy, colour therapy, and metal therapy.


Abhijit Das: He is a man of many talents. At present he is working as a Consultant Endoscopic Gyanecologist with a superspecialization in Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Surgery. He is also associated with BEAMS (Bombay Endoscopy Academy and center for Minimally invasive Surgery) an exclusive Endoscopy and super-specialty hospital for women. He spent 13 years in the UK after graduation and worked as a Senior Registrar till his time of leaving the UK at the end of 2000 to come back to India. VEDIC MATHEMATICS AND VEDIC SCIENCES: he has participated as a faculty at the International Indology Conference in 2007 and presented an original paper on Vedic mathematics. He is an international faculty for the World Academy of Vedic Mathematics and has edited a number of books on the subject. He has given hundreds of lectures on the subject in educational institutes and regularly takes workshops in the same including a big one in Calcutta organized by Padatik and covered extensively in newspapers including Times of India. At present he is in the final phases of writing a book on Vedic Mathematics with Kenneth Williams from the UK, one of the masters of the subject. He has numerous published articles in Pure and Vedic Mathematics and is working as part of an international project to promote Vedic sciences and Vedic learning.




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