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Origin of Meditation in Ancient India ==>
by Dr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra has been a Nobel Peace Prize nominee since 2010 and AARP Purpose Prize Fellow (2017). He is Emeritus SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy and founder of the Yoga and Meditation Society at SUNY Oneonta. As a service to the community, his “Yoga for Relaxation” is available on YouTube under “Ashok K Malhotra Yoga Institute Interviews” and books through IdeaIndia,, and Kindle. His recent “Ashoka Yoga” video is available on Dr. Malhotra contributes all his royalties to the Ninash Foundation that builds schools for under-served minority children of India. Donations can be sent to the Ninash Foundation ( through PayPal. Ashok is author of many titles including Yoga Philosophy: Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection  - click here to check out some of his kindle eBooks



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