BKC: Mumbai’s Canary Wharf

BKC: Mumbai’s Canary Wharf

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BKC: Mumbai’s Canary Wharf - Idea Blog

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BKC: Mumbai’s Canary Wharf


(04.12.2017 – Idea Blog)



Mumbai seems to be following a similar development to London.


London’s financial and business hub used to be the area around Bank Station, called the ‘Square Mile’. But Later in the 1980’s Canary Wharf was developed and a huge financial and business hub has developed there also.


Mumbai’s financial and business hub used to be in the Fort area around the BSE and Bombay High Court. But that is slowly moving to BKC (Bandra-Kurla Complex) with its purpose-built office space. It is an incredible sight to see. It is like the transformation of Canary Wharf.


When the Bombay High Court eventually moves to BKC, or nearby, then the transformation will be near complete.


Lower Parel area of Mumbai has also developed its own little niche in commercial real estate with skyscrapers galore. Lower Parel and BKC have developed purpose-built office space to cater to modern business needs.


Bank is still an important area of London. But will Fort area remain so? Kala Ghoda is slowly becoming a restaurant hub with new eateries opening up. Will SoBo turn into a residential/entertainment area? What then will become of the Fort/Flora Fountain area of Mumbai? Or of SoBo?


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