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Chizel: Online Cloud Manufacturing Platform


Chizel: Online Cloud Manufacturing Platform -
Technology is growing at a rapid pace and we as humans have to be aligned with it in a manner that we are able to understand and adopt it. Cloud manufacturing, on-demand manufacturing, e-manufacturing, distributed manufacturing will be some of the terms which will be used extensively in the near future as that’s where the future of manufacturing lies. 

We are all living in the information age with every chunk of information available instantly and with the advent of new technologies, the world is moving at a fast forward pace. However, that is not very true when it comes to Manufacturing.  Yash Rane, CEO and founder of Chizel, with his vision towards a new sustainable use of technology for on-demand manufacturing founded Chizel back in 2014. 
Started by IIT-Roorkee alumnus, CHIZEL is positioned as “UBER of Manufacturing” where they offer fast turnaround manufacturing solution for prototyping and low volume products through a cloud based platform. The team is integrating different manufacturing processes like 3D printing, Machining, Vacuum Casting to enable hardware companies to manufacture 1-10000 parts anytime, anywhere. 

Though they are a manufacturing company, their approach involves application of cloud computing, IOT and Deep-tech. Chizel is building a cloud manufacturing platform, that allows design engineers to access manufacturing at click of a button.  A user can simply come online and upload the 3D CAD design. Once the part is uploaded and analyzed, users can select the manufacturing process/materials and quantities that they want to manufacture. The software in real-time shows the cost and timeline of a part together with its manufacturing feasibility. This instant information helps design engineers to understand in real-time what can be manufactured and what cannot. This saves a lot of time in to and fro interaction that sometime takes days. Once the customer does the needful, an order can be placed directly from the platform! Next step is the approval of order from Chizel’s engineering team. Chizel’s engineers perform a final check on the order w.r.t customer requirements, part application, cost, timelines and manufacturing feasibility to ensure that no quality issues arise at the time of manufacturing. Once the engineer approves the order, the instructions are further sent to the shop floor for manufacturing. 
Chizel manages a fleet of pre-vetted manufacturing partners, who adhere to Chizel’s quality standards, to perform manufacturing operations. These manufacturing partners are mostly tier 2 / tier 3 companies from across India with low penetration of technology. Chizel, with its technological strength, aims to integrate their machine capacity to cloud and help them bring efficiency and transparency across the process. Also, all the data on the shop floor is captured throughout the manufacturing cycle which is available for the customers to see, at a click of a button. 

Chizel currently caters to engineering companies involved in new product development. Customers use their service to produce end-use parts in low volume, and produce parts for form, function and fitment testing in various materials. Currently they cater to sectors like medical devices, automotive, automation and robotics, aerospace and others. 

Chizel gives access to manufacture 1 to 10000 parts really fast. They have a transparent system for order fulfilment, access to wide range of materials and post processing options, hassle-free payment modes, JIT delivery and offer a client centric approach which makes it the ultimate destination for manufacturing. Their USP is “Providing Combined Services from Design to Manufacturing under One umbrella”. 

The platform is also used immensely by students and institutes for their projects and competitions. It provides a very unique access for manufacturing to everyone. However this is just the start. Chizels’ team states that clients hesitate to adopt a new technology immediately and prefer going for conventional methods of manufacturing. But with technology booming at a rapid pace, it’s high time that we start and adapt ourselves to the current trends of On-demand manufacturing. 

As the next step, Chizel is on the verge of introducing “Cloud computing offerings” for its CNC Machining segment. Chizel’s team is taking this challenge as an opportunity because as they say, “CHANGE IS INEVITABLE, it is only a matter of time”.

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