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Breaking the Mould: CLIVE OF INDIA: The Extraordinary Life and Strange Death of Robert Lord Clive (1725-1774) - Kindle eBook by Roderick Matthews

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Breaking the Mould:


The Extraordinary Life and Strange Death of Robert Lord Clive

Kindle eBook by

Roderick Matthews



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One striking feature of the career of Robert Clive is the way he constantly subverted and challenged the institutions he served. Having joined the East India Company in 1743 as a junior clerk he then rose to lead it from trade to warfare to dominion, thus increasing its expenses ninefold and eventually prompting the British government to strip it of its independence. He became a servant of the Mughal Emperor in 1765 by accepting the office of diwan of Bengal, so relieving the Empire of one of its most lucrative provinces and creating the base for the ninety three year campaign that ended in the destruction of that self same monarchy. Finally he entered the House of Commons in 1761, only to be perceived as undermining its independence with his foreign wealth.

Ultimately the net result of his talent for disruption was the stitching together of the destinies of Great Britain and India, though this process was not simple. In the short term Clive gave the Indians the task of incorporating one new player into the complexities of later Mughal politics, something that was perhaps not so difficult in the 1760s. For the British his successes presented a much wider range of problems.


Roderick Matthews, Historian, Obtained a First from Balliol College, Oxford in Modern History. Studied Medieval History under Maurice Keen. Studied Tudor and Stuart History under Christopher Hill, Master of Balliol College. Studied European History under Colin Lucas, later Master of Balliol College and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Studied Imperial History under Professor Paul Longford, Rector of Lincoln College. Roderick Matthews has written several eBooks on the history of India and Britain published by IdeaIndia.Com


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