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(06.12.2017 – Idea Blog)




Cybersecurity will be a hot topic in 2018. With the number of hacks and data leaks in 2017 alone, cybersecurity is on all our minds.


As more of our lives are going online with AI, IoT, Fintech, (Aadhaar in India) and smartphones, people want to feel secure and feel they can trust the technology – see The Technology of Trust.


Companies that hold data, don’t only need to get the latest cybersecurity technology but also need to get their staff procedures in place to ensure that things like phishing emails don’t work. It is not just about technology itself but about daily practices about how we ourselves deal with our online devices and our own data. It’s about getting the cyberbasics in place.


In the digital world we need to have not just the latest anti-virus software but a regular programme of practices and procedures to combat ever more sophisticated cyberattacks.


There probably needs to be a co-ordinated effort, globally, to deal with cybersecurity.




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