Digital Content and Services Platforms

Digital Content and Services Platforms

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Digital Content and Services Platforms - Idea Blog


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Digital Content and Services Platforms



(28.11.2017 – Idea Blog)




Online content streaming platforms such as Saavn (which streams music) and Netflix (which streams films and web series) are now producing their own original, branded content. These platforms which obtain IP rights to content from others are now themselves entering into production, distribution and artist management through tie-ups with independent content creators.


By creating their own original content and getting into production and distribution, content streaming platforms are competing with film studios and music labels.


Even platforms like Uber are buying 1000s of vehicles from the likes of Volvo and developing their AI technology. Or, on a slightly different business model, food delivery platforms, like Deliveroo, are setting up their own kitchens for what they call 'delivery-only' services where restaurants can use part of the kitchen to get its own food delivered. This is a bit like YouTube setting up its production centres when YouTubers can use these centres to create their content. These platforms are also providing the means for users to create their content or produce their services.


These marketplaces/platforms/aggregators, that provide an opportunity for distributing content and services provided by others, are now themselves producing and providing their own branded content and services.


While these platforms provide niche or independent content creators a way to distribute their content, they are now beginning to disrupt the content/service providers that have gone onto their platforms. Independent service/content providers will be competing against similar content/services produced by the platform itself.


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