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FEET OF CLAY - Kindle eBook Novel by Aspi Doctor
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Aspi Doctor



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“East Meets West” could well be described as the basic theme of this novel e-book. Ted Spry, an American television and film artist, has a brief but adventurous sojourn at an ashram in India run by Gieve Irani, an unlikely candidate for being a guru since he does not have a Hindu family background, but is of Iranian Zoroastrian extraction. Irani’s young wife died while giving birth to their only daughter, Mehrangiz, and Gieve, as a kind of reaction, turned to things spiritual and founded the ashram. Ted had always been a “seeker” in spite of his busy professional and social life. At the time at which Ted arrives at the ashram it is in the process of being taken over by a conman-cum-criminal, Marcel, who is half French and half Indo-Chinese. Marcel is a fugitive from justice and tries to convert the ashram into a base for smuggling and drug trafficking. He is however thwarted in his plans by Mehrangiz with the help of Ted. The situation gets so bad that Gieve Irani with his daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and Ted is forced to flee the ashram, which is then closed.

After the escape, Mehrangiz who is a qualified medical practitioner settles in Canada with her husband and infant son. Ted returns to California to pursue his career in show biz. Gieve makes a disastrous effort at settling down with his daughter’s family in Canada but returns to India, disillusioned. He lives alone in a small cottage on the west coast in an obscure village called Udai. When the daughter of the village headman is abducted for ransom by bandits, Gieve gives himself up to the gang so that the girl may be freed. Coming to know of this matter through a newspaper report Ted reaches India to be with the “Master” in his hour of trial. Obviously there is sort of bond between the two men. Taking advantage of the lax security in the bandits’ den, Ted and Gieve manage to escape.

Ted and Gieve return to Ted’s house in California. Ted is more than happy to keep the Master at his residence, and the latter sets up practice as a healer. And so the two men pass their twilight years in peace, quiet and a state of comfortable companionship.


ASPI DOCTOR was born in 1940 in Bombay (now Mumbai). He topped the list in his post-graduate examination in 1964 and immediately started his academic career as a lecturer in English literature in a south Bombay college. He graduated from lecturer to head of the department, vice-principal and in the last two decades of his career held the position of principal in two city colleges. He has authored a number of textbooks on Communication which have gone into multiple editions and which are still popular with college students in India. He lives in Mumbai with his wife who is also a retired academician. He is also the author of 2 fiction novels - 'FEET OF CLAY' & 'THE MOTIONLESS TRAVELER' - both available as Kindle eBooks.



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