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GANJIFA: Rejuvenation of the Card Game of India - Kindle eBook by Suvarnareha Jadhav

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GANJIFA:  Rejuvenation of the Card Game of India


Kindle eBook by

Suvarnareha Jadhav


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Ganjifa is a card game that originated in Persia and became popular in India under the Mughal emperors. It is difficult to tell when card games made their first appearance in India. Playing cards were apparently not known in India before the beginning of the sixteenth century. Though there is evidence to show that Ganjifa playing cards were in use in India as far back as the seventh century A.D. or earlier. They were introduced under the first Mughal Rulers who brought them from their ancestral homes of Central Asia. The first known reference is in an early-16th century biography of Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty.


SUVARNAREHA JADHAV Consultant in Textile Design, Dyeing and Printing. She has also lectured on textile design and her experience gives her a unique view of the ancient card game of Ganjifa and of the art and design of the cards that were used.




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