Going App in India

Going App in India

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Going App in India: Apps and Mobile Websites

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Going App in India

Apps and Mobile Websites


(03.11.2017 – Idea Blog)




India has now become one of the biggest app markets in the world. The onset of huge competition between telcos, reducing mobile data costs, has made India more app-friendly. Since Jio came on the scene, mobile data costs have reduced, resulting in more app downloads and more time spent on apps and smartphones.


There are a huge number of platforms available via app for users to create and share content. Some companies are producing so-called ‘lite’ apps which have reduced functionality in order to appeal to the Indian market where internet connectivity may be poor in a lot of areas.


With lot of startups going mobile first, app-first or app-only, is the desktop website slowly on the way out in India – or is there still need for it from a business perspective?


Also, is it better for business to have a mobile website or an app? Do they achieve the same things or is it beneficial to have both?


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