Growing importance of VCs in the economy

Growing importance of VCs in the economy

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Growing importance of VCs in the economy - Idea Blog


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Growing importance of VCs in the economy



(07.06.2018 – Idea Blog)



Silicon Valley, Chinese VC firms and Softbank are probably the biggest players in VC currently. With disruptive ideas and technology changing the economic landscape, VCs with deep pockets will probably be dominant players in world economy. ICOs, in the short term, will probably not dislodge VCs from their pre-eminent position in the startup ecosystem.


Countries where government regulation is aligned to the tech sector will probably benefit more than others. Another path to maintain your pace of innovation is to ensure that you attract the top talent from around the world.


Increased spending on R & D will also be crucial (which means having VCs with deep pockets), especially in fields of AI, biotech, blockchain, data and cloud tech, robotics and space. VCs with deeper pockets will control more of the innovation. Creating tech hubs (read unicorn factories, predominantly in Silicon Valley and Beijing) which attract venture capital, startups and talent will be important.


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