How to be Creative in Content Creation

How to be Creative in Content Creation

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 How to be Creative in Content Creation - Use AI?

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How to be creative in content creation – Use AI?


(01.11.2017 - Idea Blog)



Recently, MIT has created AI that is designed to work with humans on horror stories. This AI has been ‘trained’ using over 100,000 horror stories that allows it to work with human writers to create horror stories. I suppose this is what you call a ghostwriter! (Could there be any copyright issues in creating content in this way, where the AI/machine learning code is going through many copyright works?)


Writing a bestseller may now be in the hands of AI techies rather than human authors. Content creators/producers will be gradually replaced by AI, probably even for visual/video content. At least the large content publishers will start using AI to create content for their users


Will human ingenuity and creativity always be ahead of AI in content creation?


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