Idea Creation, Collaboration and Commercialization

Idea Creation, Collaboration and Commercialization

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Idea Creation, Collaboration and Commercialization - Idea Blog


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Idea Creation, Collaboration and Commercialization


(27.11.2017 – Idea Blog)




The proliferation of VC funds in India is an indication that investors, both large and small are hunting for the next killer idea.


Corporates from age-old industries are setting up funds to invest in startup ideas to try to avoid being disrupted and also the fear of missing out (FOMO).


Almost every week you read about a new VC fund or incubator or accelerator being setup to focus on India. Even Indian states are setting up incubators, tech parks etc., to create an environment for idea creation.


It is not just startup founders who are looking for VCs or Angel Investors but Angels and VCs themselves are on the lookout for good ideas and entrepreneurs to invest in.


Angel Investors and VCs organise events to attract founders to pitch their ideas. But Angel Investors and VCs need startup founders just as much as startup founders need Angel Investors and VCs. To many startup founders, the startup ecosystem can seem like it favours investors. Isn’t it also necessary for investors to pitch themselves and their credentials to startup founders? A reverse pitch.


Creating a platform for startup founders, VCs and Angel Investors where they are all on equal terms is new idea. is a platform to give startup founders a better chance of getting noticed and for investors to search out new ideas.




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