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$0.00 Tech Update - Ed.6 - 23 September 2019


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Tech Update #6

23 September 2019




© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You the Latest Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India. This week:


-          Real Estate-as-a-Service

-          UPI on Google Playstore

-          Government asks Higher Education Institutes to use 1% of their budget for startups

-          CX in Auto

-          Ethical Hackers in India

-          Investors now have to gauge how government might legislate and how service providers/sellers may behave in the digital economy

-          New Policy for handset makers

-          Dark Stores

-          SEBI Listing Requirements

-          Founder Share Buyback

-          London Beats Mumbai in Rupee Trading



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