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Tech Update



25 November 2019




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Thought for the Week: Apart from telcos being in the news constantly, its clear that Indian IT is partnering with organisations to develop next generation solutions for IoT. 5G (then 6G) will be the backbone of this. Telcos, which will form the backbone of the 5G network need to be in good business health for Digital India to get to a US$5 Trillion economy.


This week:


Telcos raising tariffs: Telcos are planning to raise their tariffs from December 2019 due to new investments they need to make. This will be some relief for the telcos who have been through a massive price war. But users, accustomed to cheap data, will feel the impact.


TCS to launch Microsoft business unit for AI/ML enterprise solutions: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will be setting up a Microsoft Business Unit to promote AI, cloud and machine learning solutions with a talent pool of engineers trained in Microsoft products.


Temporary relief for telcos: Government gives a temporary moratorium on spectrum payments. Will this be enough for the sector to make future investments?


TCS & Qualcomm innovation hub: This time, TCS is partnering with Qualcomm to set up an innovation hub for AI, IoT and 5G tech in Hyderabad.


Wipro & Finnish University to develop 5G tech: Wipro to partner University of Oulu, Finland to develop 5G tech solutions


Bosch IoT hub in Bengaluru: Bosch to set up an IoT hub in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley.


Tech Mahindra and Business Finland partner for research in 5G/6G: TechM has tied up with Business Finland to develop solutions in 5G and 6G.









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