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Tech Update



23 December 2019




© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You a Quick Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India.


Thought for the Week: The troubles for the telecoms industry continue. Telecoms plays a huge role in Internet connectivity, especially via mobile, and IoT solutions. The telcos need to invest heavily in 5G to remain competitive but are already weighed down by huge debt. 2020 will probably be a make or break year for a number of telcos.


This week:


Expanding UPI abroad: The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has set up a subsidiary with a view to exporting the UPI (United Payment Interface) digital payments technology abroad.


IT wish list for the budget: IT companies have drawn up a wish list for the next budget, including a 15% rate of corporate tax for firms in SEZs. Perhaps, IT like other industries in India, are facing global pressure over revenues.


Mobile phone industry wish list: India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has sought clarification from the Government over export incentives and rationalisation in GST.  The Government needs to do more to improve incentives for the Make in India programme.


Startup investors want pension funds to invest in startup funds: Private equity and venture capitalists wants pension funds to be able to invest in VC funds. They argue that the likes of EPFO and National Pension Scheme should be allowed to invest in VC funds.


Cutting out the middle-man from Indian agriculture: As part of a pilot project, Amazon is sourcing fresh produce direct from farmers in Pune. It is high time that the agriculture sector is improved and the supply chain and logistics of agricultural produce is improved which will improve the life of farmers and the food supply.


BSNL under pressure from foreign vendors: Foreign suppliers, such as Nokia, ZTE and UTStarcom, are demanding payment, amounting to thousands of crores, from BSNL which they say has not kept up with their payments.


5G pressure on Telecoms: The Government has announced that the 5G spectrum auction will be held around Spring 2020 and will not reduce the prices in the auction. This will put pressure on the telecoms sector, already in heavy debt. The telcos are going through a very rough patch which sees no let-up in sight.


Screen time: According to a survey by Vivo and Cybermedia Research, Indians spend an average of 1800 hours a year on their phones. Mobile content and streaming are big contributors to this.


Drones in India: With very strict regulation, the drone industry in India has not really taken off. Its clear from the experience worldwide with drones that regulation is required but the right balance needs to be found to develop the use cases for commerce.









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