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Tech Update



30 December 2019




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Thought for the Week: In the last edition of 2019, there are a number of reasons to end the year, and the decade, on a downer. The telcos are still facing tough times are the next year could be make or break for some of them. The economy is facing a slow down and needs major structural changes to get to the Government’s desired GDP of US$5 Trillion. But to end the year on such a note would not do justice to the situation in India. There are still reasons to be optimistic for 2020. Opportunities still abound for investment, especially in the tech sector, which is probably the one bright spot. So, with that in mind, we’ll look forward to the future and the never-ending ingenuity of entrepreneurs.


This week:


Access to cheap data is good for users and digital economy but can the telecoms sector continue like this? In the last 3 or so years, Indians have grown used to cheap data – ‘cheap’ relative to many other countries. This is good for consumers and good for business, particularly startups. But can the telecoms industry continue with these services? This month, they increased their tariffs. Telcos are facing an uncertain future with the upcoming 5G spectrum auction which will only add on more debt for them.


India needs to adopt IoT, 5G much faster: According to a recent report by International Data Corporation, India’s networking market, which includes Ethernet switches and routers, saw a drop of around 30%, y.o.y. in the third quarter. This market should really be growing develop a Digital India.


India’s video game developers are slowly beginning to attract global attention: Esports is a growing and lucrative market. Still more needs to be done to bring artists and developers together to collaborate on video games. Some of the major game developer firms have set up bases in India in the last decade. Perhaps, more funding in this sector would attract more talent.


IBM India plans to scale up its AI services: Maybe the 20s will become the decade where we have AI at scale. Sectors such as retail, banking and telecoms are prime targets for enterprises to boost their adoption of AI technologies.









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