INDIA - Politics and Land

INDIA - Politics and Land

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INDIA - Politics and Land - 1580 to 1990 - Kindle eBook by Roderick Matthews


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1580 - 1990

Kindle eBook by 
Roderick Matthews
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Between 1580 and 1990 there was little change at the lowest levels of Indian rural life. Even the most dramatic developments, like the disappearance of the predations of warfare through the nineteenth century or the arrival of chemical fertilisers in the 1960s, did anything to affect the basic social structure of country life. In the late twentieth century, for all her software revolution and nuclear arsenal, India was still a land of small villages, neglected and defiant in equal measure. How, in a world so altered in other ways, could this have come about?
This eBook examines how three successive regimes dealt with rural India over four centuries, comparing the methods used by the Mughal, British and post-independence Indian Governments.
Roderick Matthews, Historian, Obtained a First from Balliol College, Oxford in Modern History. Studied Medieval History under Maurice Keen. Studied Tudor and Stuart History under Christopher Hill, Master of Balliol College. Studied European History under Colin Lucas, later Master of Balliol College and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Studied Imperial History under Professor Paul Longford, Rector of Lincoln College.



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