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 INDIAN MUSIC: An Introduction - Kindle eBook by Bharat Gupt

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An Introduction


Kindle eBook by

Bharat Gupt


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Indian Music is the most dominant form of Asian music. Its influence extends beyond the subcontinent into China and the Far East on one side and through Iran, Iraq and Turkey up to Greece on the other. It still preserves the oldest tradition of playing the monophonic melodic line untouched by the use of vertical harmony and tempered scale. 

It has the most complicated and varied system of rhythmic cycles and is still based upon the ancient concept that the human voice is the foremost expression of musical emotion and therefore all instruments should also be played to imitate and accompany it.  Consequently, it also preserves the lyric and its literary content as a major feature but does not maintain a system of a written notational score to be followed while performing.  Except for the lyrics, most of the structure and score of the music is created by the performer during performance along certain traditionally accepted norms. 

This eBook includes Indian music’s historical roots from ancient to medieval to the present day, the Ancient Scales or Gramas and Jatis, Dhruvapada and other forms.


Bharat Gupt, Associate Professor, CVS, Delhi University. Founder member and Trustee International Forum for India's Heritage. 


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