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Legal Services Apps


(24.11.2017 – Idea Blog)



Award-winning author and celebrity Advocate, Vandana Shah recently launched, in Mumbai, DivorceKart app which provides users with legal services (in divorce law) 24/7 in India.


This is a new path and possible gamechanger for Indian legal services which have not yet been disrupted in the same way that other industries have. Lawyers communicating with their clients through an app is a huge change to India’s very staid legal profession.


Will litigants use an app for legal advice? Perhaps, for certain areas of law, litigants may be more willing to consult a lawyer via an app. Having legal advice available via your smartphone may have an impact on consumer protection, workplace dynamics etc. Also, having legal services available outside of usual office hours will certainly appeal to some.


Will this inspire other lawyers or law firms to follow suit and have their own legal services made available to clients via a smartphone?




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