Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

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Let the Games Begin - Idea Blog


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Let the Games Begin


(06.12.2017 – Idea Blog)



It is only a matter of time before India has an eSports league like cricket’s IPL. There have even been attempts to give eSports a place in the Olympic Games. Gaming and eSports has a cult following of gamers.


Why has gaming and game development gained such interest? Gaming or eSports has gained a lot of interest from content platforms as it can provide alternate revenue streams. Brand marketing through eSports/games will continue to grow. Startups in gaming and eSports are slowly growing in India.


But gaming and eSports requires lots of data consumption and this will require greater internet connectivity and lower data costs in India if it is to grow outside the main cities, especially mobile gaming. Digital infrastructure is a crucial element of eSports growth.


Gaming, Bollywood and Cricket would make a great mix of entertainment, marketing and revenue!



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