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By Madhvi Karol

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Madhvi Karol



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From birth to death we are in a visible spectrum which can be perceived by human sense organs. What happens to us after death or before we are born? Are we in a different mould, in a different spectrum? Do we exist at all? If we do, is it as an individual or a whole? Living our life everyday, we tend to take so many things for granted, even the life that we have; never stopping once to actually understand our origin, our path and final destination. Our universe could be the result of an upsurge from an underbelly of a volcano but it was coming of a process of a seed to a bloom. The book attempts to understand this overwhelming spread where our own position is like that of a sand particle in an enormous ocean. The book looks at life from various angles. How space and time bind us? What else is there other than space and time that is essential for sustenance of life within this universe? How we evolve from a single cell entity to present complex human being; the actual journey from unconscious to consciousness? How addition of instincts, emotions, intelligence and then intellect make us a complete human being. Where does this mind reside? Is it a separate entity or part of the brain function? How mind works and why it works in a particular fashion? What happens to mind after death? Where do emotions and intellect and ideas go after this body decays? It also ponders on why we dream; how we dream and what meaning can dreams convey? Why some people have extra sensory perception? The kind of personality we have and how we all differ from each other. We also evolve as human beings. As we continue to acquire finer qualities, we keep graduating from basic selfish person to more giving and tolerant personality. It tells us the broad subsets where we can fit ourselves as self centered or benevolent; from preconditioned phase to finally reaching to reconditioned phase. Fate or destiny is something we all wish to know about. Fate is predictable if we carefully look closely at pointers in our personality. Personality, our tendencies and desires give direction to our fate. Does astrology tell us about our fate or is there something more in us that defines our destiny? If you want to know more read on………


Dr Madhvi Karol is a maternal and child specialist practicing in Delhi. She also provides counseling for families. She has been practicing for more than 25 years and this book is her own view of her experiences.




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