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Co-living and Co-working Evolution of Sharing Real Estate


(24.02.2018 – Idea Blog)



Co-working is a convenient way for small businesses and startups to get office space. But with the proliferation of co-working spaces, they are having to evolve to attract new clients.


Co-working spaces evolved very quickly into becoming startup accelerators and incubators. They are now also looking to attract larger companies such as SMEs and large corporates.


A corporate can put a team working on a specific project in a co-working space near their client. Then once the project is complete that co-working space is given up.


Some corporates even, with spare office space are converting them to co-working spaces.


Co-working spaces and the likes of Airbnb will be competing with each other in the residential & commercial real estate and hospitality markets. The sharing economy at work.



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