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THE MOTIONLESS TRAVELER - Kindle eBook Novel by Aspi Doctor
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Aspi Doctor



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First written in 1985, The Motionless Traveler is set in the future and set in a time when the supply of fuel (read oil) is almost at an end. It becomes absolutely necessary to find an alternate mode of transport as it is becoming difficult and expensive to travel. The world is again breaking up into insular countries. Krish, the protagonist of the novel, makes a chance discovery that enables him to become airborne and to move rapidly across continents. The discovery is that of an ancient Tibetan statuette which was used by Tibetan lamas to cross into India at the time of the Chinese invasion of their land.

Krish lives in Bombay, India. His life has been quite humdrum till the time that he gets possession of the statuette. He rescues a young Tibetan girl from a gang of street hoodlums and the grateful father gifts the statuette to him. Realizing that the statuette is too valuable to be kept by him he decides to hand it over to an international scientific research institute, which is located in Canada. The Chinese get to know about the statuette and try to prevent him. Finally, he travels to Canada using the secret powers of the statuette. He meets with several adventures on the way, as he has to break journey in the Middle East and Africa. On reaching his destination he is felicitated by the government and the world body. But after the dust has settled, Krish makes the surprising discovery that man has it in him to become air borne even without the aid of an agent like the statuette. The novel ends with the suggestion that in the not-too-distant future, the human race will reach its next stage of evolution.




Aspi Doctor was born in 1940 in Bombay (now Mumbai). He topped the list in his post-graduate examination in 1964 and immediately started his academic career as a lecturer in English literature in a south Bombay college. He graduated from lecturer to head of the department, vice-principal and in the last two decades of his career held the position of principal in two city colleges. He has authored a number of textbooks on Communication which have gone into multiple editions and which are still popular with college students in India. He lives in Mumbai with his wife who is also a retired academician. He is also the author of 2 fiction novels - 'FEET OF CLAY' & 'THE MOTIONLESS TRAVELER' - both available as Kindle eBooks.




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