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Hirak Bhattacharya

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Hirak Bhattacharya


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There are many reasons why an alternative eBook on economics might be sought. Evolutionary Economics by Hirak Bhattacharya is an alternative.

It may be that the current treasure of economics text, however contextual, is felt to be inappropriate in some way - perhaps it has worn out by its long prostituted use, or somehow does not suit the tone of civilisation. And, the tone of civilisation, being derived from so many sources, requires a consistent text of economics that is substitutable in all contexts.

"That apart, the desire to avoid repetition is also a frequent reason for consulting a new eBook even when it is perfectly suitable in its current context. More so, when the current context is a crisis-ridden one. There are indeed many books on the present economic crisis; and I must humbly confess that I have read only a few. My slightly audacious impression is that the authors of these books have still remained within the same old sanctuary of economic thought, notwithstanding the veil of the details. Bluntly put, determinism or the wheel of determinism still stalks them. And, we cannot explain enough without disrupting this sanctuary of thought."

This eBook rests on an entirely different pedestal; evidently antithetical to contemporary (and old) economic thought. This eBook recognises the limitations of economic determinism; that it deals only with grosser aspects that it cannot explain enough. And in an effort to explain enough, drawing reference to these texts has been felt unnecessary. Besides, I have had no intention to disrupt anyone's sanctuary of thought, which thoughts are in tow with the 'crisis' as an alibi! This eBook is not the 'effect' of the present crisis; its proposition bears no causal relevance to the crisis.

Lastly, the author cannot vouch for sure that it has no 'resemblance' with any other eBook of immediate currency; but I can vouch for its building blocks and whether these are good enough testimonials, I leave it to the reader's gracious judgment.

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HIRAK BHATTACHARYA, born in 1953, Hirak holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He served in public and private sector enterprises for about 25 years and is currently working as a freelance management consultant from Kolkata, India. Hirak has had a long cherished dream to write a eBook on Economics. His enthusiasm and hard work have resulted in the present eBook which, in his own words, ‘is intended not to educate but animate’!



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