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Meher Pestonji

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eBook by

Meher Pestonji


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Feeding Crows is play about the clash when modern life meets old traditional belief and custom in modern day Mumbai, India. A yuppie Parsi Zoroastrian couple, Farhad and Zenobia, more interested in their careers and ‘getting ahead’ in life, have an old, superstitious housemaid, Savitri. There is a battle of cultures and of wills. Meher has beautifully crafted this play which brings to life a clash of modern city living versus traditional belief and superstition. Discover who is feeding the crows.... and why?


MEHER PESTONJI - Author – Freelance Journalist – Playwright - as a freelance journalist Meher Pestonji participated in the activist movements of her times – the campaign to change rape laws, the campaign for slum-dwellers housing rights, the struggle to create a better understanding of street-kids and their special needs.

The post-Babri Masjid communal riots of the 90s affected her deeply and fuelled her resolve to fight all shades of communalism and parochialism, including those she encountered in her tiny Parsi community.

Disillusioned with the market-oriented journalism that became fashionable in the years after the Indian economy embraced economic liberalization, she switched to creative writing. Her first book, a collection of short stories ‘Mixed Marriage and other Parsi Stories’ was published in 1999, followed by Pervez, a Novel in 2003, and Sadak Chhaap in 2005.

Her first play, Piano for Sale, had a successful run in Bombay, Delhi and Jaipur in 2006- 2007. Her second play, Feeding Crows, won the South Asia segment of the BBC/British Council International Radio Play Writing Competition in 2009.

She has recently completed a novel Ulrike and Neville.



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