I Wonder - Poem by Tina Shah

I Wonder - Poem by Tina Shah

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 I Wonder - Poem by Tina Shah

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Poem by

Tina Shah


Certain things make me wonder,
the turns of life,
are they a blunder.
When I have time to wonder,
my dreams I surrender.

But to be strong and successful,
what worth would be my surrender.
So, do we eventually go along with unhappiness and
wait for a time of bliss
or do I let my life run its own meander.

Tina Shah is a student, an educationist, poet, animal lover and more than meets the eye!  Born in Delhi, settled in Chandigarh with a master’s degree in English Literature, diplomas in Special Education, Industrial Relations & Personnel Management.

The poetic world helps transport her many sightings, experiences & conversations from the mundane to something more meaningful and subtle. Tina gives her writing passion a wider audience with her latest collection of poems to be published soon.

Presently, Tina is in the midst of forming a group for the aid of animal owners in her city to help those who truly believe in "Being Humane".


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