Interview with Promilla Malhotra

Interview with Promilla Malhotra

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 Interview with Promilla Malhotra


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Promilla is the author of two eBook novels: ‘WANTED: A Bride for Rohit’ and ‘WANTED: A Bride for Vir’ 
She is a graduate from St. Bedes College Shimla, India, where her favourtite subject was English Literature. She is an avid reader and a creative painter of floral oils. She has been a freelance writer and has contributed too many magazines and newspapers. This is her first novel which is inspired by a chance meeting with Lord Jeffery Archer, who encouraged her to write on the milieu she is familiar with – A-la Jane Austen!!



Q: Both your eBook novels, ‘WANTED: A Bride for Vir’ and ‘WANTED: A Bride for Rohit’ are romantic comedies – why have you chosen this genre to begin your foray into writing?
A: I believe in love and if it is spiced with humor – all the better – I grew up on a diet of P.G. Wodehouse and Daphne du Maurier! 

Q: Also North India features in both your eBooks – does this region have special significance to you?
A: I am a North Indian and live in Delhi; this region is dear to me. I studied in Convent of Jesus and Mary Mussoorie, and St. Bede’s College in Shimla.

Q: How much of your novels contain your own personal experiences?
A: Both my novels contain my experiences and my characters are based on people I am familiar with. I do not like grim, realistic dark writing – to me reading a good story means getting into a world of romance, fun and frolic. Both my novels will take you there.

Q: In your first eBook novel, ‘WANTED: A Bride for Vir’, are the Punjabi characters based on people that you know?
A: They are based on the people I know and interact with.

Q: How much does Punjabi culture influence your writing?
A: Quite a bit, since I am familiar with this milieu.

Q: Family ties and culture also come across strongly in your novels – is this a factor that overwhelms any Indian writer of fiction?
A: This is a factor that definitely overwhelms all Indian writers, as we Indians are deeply enmeshed in family ties. 

Q: In what way does Jane Austen influence your writing?
A: She dealt with situations in a humorous way based on the peculiarities of her characters. I try to do the same!!

Q: You had a chance meeting with Jeffrey Archer – how did this come about and what impact did this have on you?
A: A chance meeting with Jeffrey Archer started me on my literary career – I had written many short articles for Club Magazines and News Papers, based mostly on humorous interactions with my husband’s family (I was more often than not in the dog house)!! I met Jeffrey Archer at a Book Launch of his last book “Only Time Will Tell” and was encouraged by him to write about the people I knew – A la Jane Austen.   

Q: Have any Indian authors had an influence on you and your writing?
A: Not at all.

Q: Bollywood influences virtually everyone in India – has it influenced your writing?
A: I love Bollywood movies and T.V. serials – but my writing is my own.

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to start writing their own book?
A: Go with your heart.

Q: What ideas do you have for future novels?
A: I am now working on my third novel “A Bitter Sweet Marriage”. Fortunately my husband has a good sense of humor and will not mind all the digs and jokes on him – I hope the Delhi Social Circle I move around in will feel the same.


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