Cupid’s Folly - How We Caged the Wild - Collection of Short Stories

Cupid’s Folly - How We Caged the Wild - Collection of Short Stories

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Cupid's Folly: How We Caged the Wild - Collection of Short Stories - Kindle eBook by Tina Shah

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 How We Caged the Wild

 Short Stories


eBook by

 Tina Shah


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Cupid’s Folly is a collection of short stories:

1.         Cupid’s Folly - This time again the twist of fate got entwined in the poisonous love wines of the present day’s follies of the heart. How a woman who was working towards protecting herself from any more heartburns got entrapped.

2.         Estranged – Are bonds of friendship stronger than love? That is the question she had asked herself when she had decided to move away from those she was closest to.

3.         Heartbeat – Her heart beat only for him and how…

4.         Online – She knew she was addicted. How could she tear apart from the reality and the myth?

5.         The Farewell – He was ashamed of his existence and his love. Would he be able to forget?

6.         Uraan E Adal (The flight of equability) – She knew she had to be strong enough to take revenge. She had to lead them in to the light and eventually her wounds would heal too.


TINA SHAH is a published author. She has published 4 books: The first print poetry book is titled “STREAX”; and the second poetry eBook is “ONE HEART MANY BEATS”. Her foray into short story writing with “CUPID’S FOLLY - How We Caged The Wild” has been much appreciated for its interesting characters and intriguing plot lines. Her latest ‘ROMEO and LAILA’ is a hard-hitting novel dealing with contemporary issues.


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