Cupid’s Folly - How We Caged the Wild - Collection of Short Stories

Cupid’s Folly - How We Caged the Wild - Collection of Short Stories

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Cupid's Folly

How We Caged the Wild

Collection of Short Stories


eBook by

Tina Shah

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 How We Caged the Wild

 Short Stories


eBook by

 Tina Shah

 © Tina Shah 2017


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Cupid’s Folly is a collection of short stories:

1.         Cupid’s Folly - This time again the twist of fate got entwined in the poisonous love wines of the present day’s follies of the heart. How a woman who was working towards protecting herself from any more heartburns got entrapped.

2.         Estranged – Are bonds of friendship stronger than love? That is the question she had asked herself when she had decided to move away from those she was closest to.

3.         Heartbeat – Her heart beat only for him and how…

4.         Online – She knew she was addicted. How could she tear apart from the reality and the myth?

5.         The Farewell – He was ashamed of his existence and his love. Would he be able to forget?

6.         Uraan E Adal (The flight of equability) – She knew she had to be strong enough to take revenge. She had to lead them in to the light and eventually her wounds would heal too.


TINA SHAH – Tina’s love for jewellery for the not so common woman made her delve into the jewellery line named Samsara.. the wanderer. She is an educationist, poet, animal lover and much more than meets the eye!  Born in Delhi, residing in Chandigarh with a master’s degree in English Literature, diploma's in Special Education, Industrial Relations & Personnel Management.

The poetic world helps transport her many sightings, experiences & conversations from the mundane to something more meaningful and subtle. Her first print book was “Streax” a coffee table edition of poems. Her second poetry eBook was ‘One Heart, Many Beats’ .

Tina gives her writing passion a wider audience with her latest collection of short stories, Cupid’s Folly.


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