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Event Horizon


The way ahead for the events industry



Startup and blockchain conferences are proliferating and are getting expensive. But do they add value? Startup/blockchain events have keynote speakers, pitch sessions, places to set up your stand etc. They give you a boost for a while but do you track what you have gained from attending? (See also: How to Choose the Best, Most Useful and Rewarding Events?)


Players, such as co-working spaces and other firms also organise events on a smaller scale to attract you to their services. Clubs and business networking groups are also many in number.


The number of events is growing but some are beginning to feel event fatigue. Is it all about sponsorship and profit for the event organizers? How do you measure what value the event has given to the attendees?


Are smaller, more specific events the answer? With more care taken on speakers and attendees where there is more scope for better and more relevant interaction between the participants?


How will the events and events industry evolve?


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