Content Ecosystem is Changing

Content Ecosystem is Changing

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Content Ecosystem is Changing - Idea Blog


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Content Ecosystem is Changing


(11.12.2017 – Idea Blog)



Content creation and consumption is changing. Platforms for user-generated digital content has expanded original content creation and along with reducing data costs and cheaper smartphones, is changing the content ecosystem.


Apart from films and music, India is creating more local language digital content for entertainment, services and ecommerce. Bollywood and the regional film industries produce regional, vernacular content. But more needs to be done. India needs more local content platforms to drive growth of users online. Local content creators need to know digital platforms will provide a space for good original vernacular content.


With YouTube creating pop-up studios for content producers to create original content, digital content platforms are using bricks-and-mortar for greater and wider content creation. With more digital content coming onto streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Eros Now, the local cinema is slowly transforming to become not just a movie theatre but more of an entertainment hub providing meals, shopping and more.


Digital content consumption is changing the way digital platforms and bricks-and-mortar combine to create a better consumer experience. Content producers are changing the type of content they create to cater for more digital consumption.



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