Events and Activities Create Content

Events and Activities Create Content

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Events and Activities Create Content - Idea Blog

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Events and Activities Create Content

Stories for Events, Groups and Brands



(17.11.2017 – Idea Blog)




Make an Event of it!


When you go out with your team colleagues for a night out, you take selfies or video of yourselves which are then uploaded onto social media. Even a family get-together results in visual content which later goes online.


If you attend an event, the organisers and participants will create visual and written content around the event which is then uploaded for promotion and marketing purposes.


A lot of what we do nowadays results in content being created and uploaded. When you get-together with others, most will have smartphones with them and this device now means content going online.


Marketers can make use of this in allowing groups to create content and stories around events which help in brand marketing.


If a group goes to a restaurant/cinema/event, the restaurant, for example, can utilise the smartphone culture to allow people to create their stories around their meal at the restaurant to help the restaurant’s brand. Allowing groups to create your brand story.


Brand Marketing: Make an Event of it!



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