Reputation Systems

Reputation Systems

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Reputation Systems




(03.02.2019 – Idea Blog)



Reputation systems are the new buzzwords in the DLT/Blockchain space. Allowing reputations to be measured in non-monetary terms and ported between ecosystems.


Online communities can be set with their own rules. The rules surrounding the reputations can be made by the communities themselves – what can be referred to as your own ‘programmable economic space’.


For example, you could set up a community of people who care about the environment. People, within that community who behave in an environmentally-friendly way will enhance their reputation and receive ‘credits’/tokens. This reputation might then be ported/used in another ecosystem, say for writers.


These new economy ideas may seem esoteric and a long time coming but they may be closer than you think.


Holochain and Sacred Capital are just 2 startups in this space. Creating your own online community with its own rules, being able to define your reputation, in terms other than money/finance, (‘reputational wealth’) and to then use your reputation in other communities will gain ground. The next stage is to get entrepreneurs to build their communities and reputation systems using these platforms by Sacred Capital and Holochain (so-called dApps, decentralized apps).


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