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(29.06.2019 – Idea Blog)



Aren’t all companies that have millions of users/customers just data companies?


When Uber started out, you could perhaps call it a ride-sharing/mobility startup. But now with millions of users worldwide, it is really a data company – the mobility aspect of their business is now just a side-show. Same goes for the FAANG companies. They just become data acquisition platforms.


Each user gives a certain amount of their data when they use a digital platform like Uber, Facebook, Google, etc. What type of data the user gives depends on the platform. E.g. using a search engine, ecommerce, fintech/digital payment platform or social media platform, a user will give different data to each of these platforms. Each of these platforms has a wealth of data from its users. And when combined can produce a clear picture of each user.


If it scales up, every startup, in the end, becomes a data company. Its all about the data now.


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