Romeo and Laila

Romeo and Laila

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A hard-hitting novel of a gay man living in modern day India who eventually finds love in an unexpected way. The novel is Inspired by many real-life incidents from the lives of people who choose to live differently from the norms set by our society.

The author has tried to put across, to the reader, about the difficulties, dilemmas, hardships and struggles faced by ordinary people who chose to live a life which is not so ordinary. 

Through this novel she hopes to reach out to the humane side of society.

Tina Shah is a published author. She has published three books before ROMEO AND LAILA. The first print poetry book is titled “STREAX”; and the second poetry eBook is “ONE HEART MANY BEATS”. Her foray into short story writing with “CUPID’S FOLLY - How We Caged The Wild” has been much appreciated for its interesting characters and intriguing plot lines. Born in Delhi, presently settled in Chandigarh with a Master’s degree in English Literature, Bachelor’s degree in Education, Diploma's in Special Education, Industrial Relations & Personnel Management.





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