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$0.00 Tech Update - Ed.4 - 9 September 2019


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Tech Update – Ed.4

9 September 2019




© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You the Latest Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India. This week:


-          India’s Cybersecurity Strategy to be unveiled in Jan 2020

-          PayPal Product Releases from India

-          RBI’s gift to the Indian Government

-          RBI’s Fintech Sandbox Divides Industry

-          E-commerce data may not be included in Privacy Bill

-          Chinese smartphone makers to make more investments in India

-          Developing AI Talent in India

-          Growing collaboration between India and China on AI and 5G

-          Discounts in India

-          FDI Cap for Digital News Entities

-          Repackaging in e-commerce

-          UPI Dominance in India

-          Learning Content in Local Languages


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