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$0.00 Tech Update - Ed.10 - 21 October 2019


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Tech Update #10


21 October 2019




© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You the Latest Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India.


Thought for the Week: Telcos are facing huge pressure to their finances for the upcoming 5G auction. Telcos are being battered from all sides while trying to prepare for the future.


This week:


-          Data Protection Bill likely soon in India

-          India joins smart city alliance

-          Oracle opens data centre in Mumbai

-          IIT-M and ExxonMobil partner for bio-fuel research

-          Revenue streams in 5G

-          India’s tech scene

-          Tik Tok expands its content range and user base

-          Challenge to startups to tackle single-use plastics

-          Telcos financially prepare for 5G



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