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Tech Update



9 December 2019




© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You a Quick Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India.


Thought for the Week: Tech investment to and from India seems to be buoyant despite talk of a global slowdown. Possible future regulation on data and internet use might have far reaching implications in 2020.


This week:


Electro-preneurship Park in every state: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and the Ministry of Information and Technology plan to set up an ‘Electro-preneurship Park’ in every state in India to develop talent in IoT.


Intel design centre in Hyderabad: Intel has opened a design and engineering centre in Hyderabad which will also include an incubation centre for hardware and systems startups.


Recruiting techies from IITs: There has been a growth in interest from recruiters for tech talent from the IITs as companies seek the best for the digital economy.


Xiaomi launches online lending service in India: Mi Credit connects smartphone users with lenders for loans up to Rs.1 Lakh. More competition in India’s fintech and digital payments market.


Wipro to set up cybersecurity centre in Melbourne: This cyber defence centre will offer cybersecurity services and reinforces Wipro’s desire to grow in the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets.


Personal Data Protection Bill likely in Parliament in 2020: The Cabinet has approved the Personal Data Protection Bill which is likely to come before Parliament in 2020. It will contain the law on collection, storage and use of personal data.


Flipkart gets more funding: Flipkart has received more funding from its Singapore-based parent. The e-commerce battle between Amazon India and Walmart-owned Flipkart is heating up.


Gamechanger on the Internet? In a possible major development for social media, the Government may force social media firms to verify the ID of users posting on their platforms. Such a move would impact social media use in India. For things like banking and e-commerce ID would be verified but requiring ID verification for other interaction on the internet would lead to further arguments in the privacy debate.


OnePlus begins export of 5G phones from India: This will be a pilot phase for the Chinese phone maker which is one of the first to launch 5G capable phones.









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