"LYL - Love You Loads..." - Short Story by Shubham Shrivastava

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"LYL - Love You Loads..." - Short Story by Shubham Shrivastava - Entry for the LIT-O-FEST IdeaIndia.com Creative Writing Competition


"LYL - Love You Loads..."


Short Story by Shubham Shrivastava

Entry for the LIT-O-FEST IdeaIndia.com Creative Writing Competition


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Eyes are the most beautiful gift god gave us. We can watch anything we love to watch. I just want to watch him. He is the only person whom my eyes search whether its day or night. I can wait for hours and days just to get a glimpse of him.

 I always stay beside him. He spend most of his time while working with me. Although there are other people around him but he always want me nearest to him. He treats me with his caring nature. He stays so close to me that his odour doesn't leave me. He can't work without me neither can i. He wants me as much as i need him.

I remember an instance when he was getting ready for his work and he wanted me but i was busy somewhere finding my rugged handbag. Ohh, his anger almost penetrated my body and stopped the supply of air for a moment. For a moment i saw someone else's soul inside him because he was never ever rude to me. Yes, i suffered from an emotional trauma and then started the thin streamline of tears from my eyes which destroyed my eye makeup so badly that i wanted to hide inside his blazer so that no one could see the ugly me. I wanted to hold him tightly, so tightly that no one could ever separate me from my hero.

I remember i was about to sneeze when he gave me his silky hankerchief which was filled with odour of perfume. How could i destroy that silky cloth by a dirty sneeze of less than a second. He turned aside and suddenly i changed that cloth by putting it in my bag and then i took out one of my filthy piece of cloth to clean my nose. I know he cares for me and yes he wants me while working.

Although he is a perfect actor with excellent skills but he can't shoot a single scene without me because i complete him. I know he has a charm which attracts thousands of girls but i can guarantee anyone that the way i love him is beyond the level of selfishness because i dont want to share him with anyone else. Yes i am selfish. I get burn when i see girls around him for his autograph and yes i want to smash all those cell phones in which girls took selfie with him. Whenever i see any girl calling him and sending uncountable flying kisses for him, i just want to catch all those kisses in their way and throw them far away. I just want to tell this world that he is mine and no one could ever take him away from me.

He is my love thus i take care of all his belongings. He sometimes handle me his cell phone during his shoot and i keep it close to my heart. Although it is a cell phone still it has his touch and i can even feel that. He likes car and one of his favorite car is his cell phone's wallpaper. I have no interest in cars, i love bikes. Suddenly i remember that i have a beautiful image of two lovers riding on a bike. It was so romantic that even the exhaust gases of that bike was of heart shape. I transferred that image into his phone and made that his wallpaper. I also want a ride with him so that i can hold him tightly and can rest my head on his back while he drives. I dont care what the world thinks of him, i just love him and i can't stop myself from doing that.

When he came back from his shoot and asked for his cell phone, i smiled and gave him his phone. He looked at me with his eyebrows making a sinusoidal shape asking why i was smiling. When he unlocked his phone he started shouting at me for what i had done. I thought he would like that but he ballistically warned me not to do any such things again. I was so stupid. I made my hero angry.

Next day again during the shoot he gave me his phone but this time he also gave me a signal for not to touch his phone just by widening his eyes. I was sitting and repeating the words in my mind that today i will not make my hero angry. Suddenly i saw an incomming call on his phone but i cancelled it. This time i was sure that he wont shout at me for this because he has already told me to do so. Then i looked at his phone and saw something unusuall. His wallpaper was still the same which i set yesterday. I felt his love. That feeling was above every feeling in this world.

I dont have a family neither i have any relatives or friends. I am just a lost girl who ran away from everyone just to enter this world of glamour. I dont have any one in this world except him. He is my soul, he is my body.

I know he loves me its just that he doesn't want to show me. That's why i doesnt miss any chance for being close to him.

Yes i always stay close to him while he works because how can an actor work without his makeup girl! Yes i am the person responsible for his looks. I groom his hair, i clean his face and do all sort of things which makes him more and more handsome during his shoot. Yes i love this closeness between us. Everybody knows that he needs me as much as i do!



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