Still a Fan of Paperback?

Still a Fan of Paperback?

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Still a Fan of Paperback?  eBooks vs. Physical Books

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Still a Fan of Paperback?

eBooks   vs.   Physical Books



(08.11.2017 – Idea Blog)




eBook consumers are growing in number but physical books are not obsolete yet and still have a strong fan base.


Readers may prefer to read, e.g. academic material as digital content where it may be easier to highlight and make notes with devices such as Amazon Kindle, but may still prefer to read fiction in paperback/hardback.


eBooks (and digital content generally) are becoming more versatile with augmented reality (AR) ebooks on the way and audio books gaining ground.


Magazines as digital content are also popular but, again, physical magazines are still not going away any time soon.


How long will physical books last. In future will there be a sizeable enough market to make them still worthwhile for publishers?


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