THE LATER MUGHALS: How the Heirs to the World Saw It Slip Away

THE LATER MUGHALS: How the Heirs to the World Saw It Slip Away

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THE LATER MUGHALS: How the Heirs to the World Saw It Slip Away - Kindle eBook by Roderick Matthews

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How the Heirs to the World Saw It Slip Away


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Roderick Matthews


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Any theory about the decline of the Mughal Empire must fulfill two apparently contradictory criteria. It must be powerful enough to explain “Why the decline?” but it must also be subtle enough to answer the question “Why was that decline so long?” The sheer length and depth of the subject defy compression and there are no simplistic ways to explain how the Mughals, once weakened, seemed to find such extraordinary durability within their weakness.

The British arrived in India when the Mughals were dominant. If the Empire managed to survive from its greatest territorial extent in 1707 to its extinction in 1858, then what was it doing right for those last one hundred and fifty one years?
This eBook tries to answer these questions.


Roderick Matthews, Historian, Obtained a First from Balliol College, Oxford in Modern History. Studied Medieval History under Maurice Keen. Studied Tudor and Stuart History under Christopher Hill, Master of Balliol College. Studied European History under Colin Lucas, later Master of Balliol College and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Studied Imperial History under Professor Paul Longford, Rector of Lincoln College. Roderick Matthews has written several ebooks on Indian and British history available at IdeaIndia.Com


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