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Underused Talent



(01.01.2018 – Idea Blog)



India’s ethical hackers, who earn huge sums protecting foreign MNCs and global tech firms from cyberattacks, are underused in India. India produces more ethical hackers (hackers who break into computer systems to expose, and not exploit, weaknesses) than anywhere else.


BugCrowd, a global hacking network, shows Indians earned the most bug bounties (rewards for exposing cybersecurity loopholes). Facebook is just one of the companies that uses India's ethical hacker talent. Indians outnumbered all other bug hunters on HackerOne, a registry of hackers.


Most are techies in India’s IT sector whose skill set makes them qualified to crack cyber systems. But while MNCs and global tech firms increasingly use this world-class hacking talent, only a few Indian firms run bug bounty programs.





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